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Our Philosophy: We believe that every girl around the world deserves to own a fabulous pair of hoops. Our Mission: to provide quality hoops to every female around the world - if she has her ears pierced.

We are delighted to share our curated selection of premium quality huggies and hoops with you.


Rule #1

MADE IN ITALY, the land of craftsmanship, fabulous taste, style and design using only 925 sterling silver and no nickel.

Our Collections: lots of sizes for a variety of styles & occasions - corporate, lunch-time, party-time, gym-time, holiday time, day through to evening - our collections showcase timeless, featherlight, excellent quality teeny huggies through super size gypsy hoops. All of our producsts are made in 925 sterling silver, with 18 karat gold or rose gold plating.

Our History: The brand was launched because customers were raving about our bigger sister's hoops - GEORGIANA SCOTT. - soon realising that hoops needed a home of their own. Regular customers often call Georgiana the 'Queen of Hoops', returning for the pain-free, premium quality hoops without the premium price tag.

Please do stay in touch with us as we regularly update our collections.

Real silver hoops

Have a hoopy day!