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Italian-made, Hypoallergenic Hoops

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Ripple Twist Lago Hoop Earrings

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Lago di Como - 3 x Sizes, Gold, Silver & Rose Gold - THE HOOP STATION
Lago di Como Hoop Earrings - THE HOOP STATION
Lago di Como Hoop Earrings - THE HOOP STATION
Lago Ripple Twist Design up to 40% off discount

Ripple Twist Hoop Earrings

What do you get if you add a subtle ripple to a delicate earring? Luxury Hoops with a Fabulous Italiano Ripple Effect!

Elegance meets luxe affordability with the Lago di Como Collection of 'Ripple' Hoop Earrings with butterfly + post to seal the deal. This collection is a celebration of Italian finesse and style; a delicate and subtle twist on the classic hoop design.

Indulge in the timeless beauty of gold, silver, and rose gold ripple hoops enjoy Christmas Shopping at The Hoop Station.

Something For Everyone

Sparkly huggie earrings
Red-Eyed Sparkly Serpent Gold Huggie
Interlocking  Duo Twist Huggies - Silver - The Hoop Station
Silver huggies
Twist Huggies + Pearl Drops= Earrings - Silver - The Hoop Station
silver twist huggie hoops
patterned xxs gold huggies
Gold Watch Chain Hoop Earrings
Interlocking hoops


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