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Our Story

I believe that popping on a pair of hoops adds a sparkle - internally and externally.

I took over Georgiana Scott Jewellery following my stepfather's passing in 2012.
Gaining fresh experience on the shop floor, I really listened to our customers, something I believe has been priceless for the Business.

I quickly realised the hoop earrings needed a space of their own.

In 2014, The Hoop Station was launched as a diffusion label. 

My passion for sparkles was acquired as a youngster.Jewels were all over our kitchen table as a kid!

My previous careers were in television and public relations.

As a teenager I worked at Harrods, read Spanish / Italian at university, lived in Chile and Italy, travelled to India + South East Asia. Experiencing different parts of the world + meeting people from all walks of life was invaluable.

I still spend time on the shop floor, engaging in conversations, rather than simply the ‘hard sell’, often gaining insights into what the shopper is actually looking for.

I had a career in PR (agency + freelance) in fine jewellery and watches (Boodles, Theo Fennell, Dior Watches, Lalique Joaillerie). From my mother’s style to my step-father’s training, meeting editors & hosting events, I am aware of the difference between what is commercial and what is pressworthy, ie. what a customer actually buys and what a journalist would feature

I encourage customers to believe in the power of a piece of jewellery, whatever their age + individual style. It doesnt have to break the bank to have a huge impact! It's amazing how a simple accessory can elevate one's mood + look.

With hoops of love,

Juliet x

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